Our Terms and Conditions of Use.

This term changes:

The HospedaPHP reserves the right to add, delete, or modify any provision of this term at any time. You agree that you will undertake to adjust to these changes, should they occur.

You agree that you will take responsibility for notifying HospedaPHP when you wish to cancel a service or product. This notification must be sent 5 days in advance of your due date.


The HospedaPHP will not sell, distribute, disclose, or in any way make available any CLIENT's information, except upon written judicial request, or in the event of illegal acts by the CLIENT, as well as, but not limited to: fraud, defamatory content, etc.


The HospedaPHP believes in free speech; however, any content (written, visual or implied) in the following areas will not be tolerated and the account responsible will be subject to immediate suspension: racism or prejudice due to color or creed; any violent/malicious/obscene content written, visual or implied. We will not tolerate any type of "hate site" including terrorism-related sites on our network.

Pornographic and gaming content sites are not accepted on our hosting network, once material is detected, the site will be suspended immediately and the CLIENT will be granted a copy of their files.

We prefer that you govern your content yourself and know that you are responsible for what is published on it, even if by third parties. It is impossible for us to check site by site across multiple servers and accounts. However, if we are notified of any form of abuse, we will notify the responsible party so that action can be taken.

The CLIENT shall not use programs or scripts that, for any reason, impair normal server operation or require excessive system resources.

In extreme cases, our staff may suspend service, without notice. If the act could harm our company and/or service in any way.

Spam/Email Marketing

Spam/Email Marketing is not allowed to be sent from HospedaPHP's services. If the practice is identified the account may be suspended without notice and in case of recurrence may be canceled. If you wish to send E-mail Marketing use a specific service for this purpose such as Sendgrid, MailChimp, etc.


The HospedaPHP makes no promises whatsoever regarding the service offered by it to its CLIENTS and will not be responsible for any disputes made by CLIENTS. In no event shall HospedaPHP be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential or any other damages. We cannot take any action against abusive material until it is brought to our attention.


You agree to pay for all products you purchase, and that HostPHP may bill you. You are responsible for paying all charges on time and for providing HospedaPHP with a valid credit card as well as valid financial data. You agree that it is your duty to access the financial area to check for any outstanding payments. Our system sends monthly notifications of open payments as a way of keeping you informed About the status of your account, but for various reasons this e-mail may at some point not reach your address. As such, it is extremely important to make it a habit to access your CLIENT area to avoid having your account suspended for non-payment.

After 3 days of the due date your account may be suspended, and will only be reactivated after payment is confirmed.

Because we are an internet company, and have several online payment methods, your service may be suspended even on weekends and holidays. So keep your payment up to date and avoid having your service suspended.


The HospedaPHP Does not perform backups of the Hosting and Reseller servers. However, we are not responsible for lost data, time, income or any other resource due to inconsistent or missing backups. It is the responsibility of the CLIENT to save their files, make backups, etc. Please always keep your own backup. You can generate fullbackup of your accounts through Directadmin Monday through Saturday from 11pm to 7am and Sunday all day. If you have any questions about how to proceed in order to generate such backups, please contact our support team. The CLIENT is solely responsible for the content of their site and its backups.

We do not perform backups of VPS Servers


If you wish to cancel your service, you must do so 5 days in advance of your subsequent billing. If your cancellation request is not received within this time, you will be responsible for the subsequent Month's payment and will be subject to deactivation of service without notice.

Accounts suspended for more than 15 days may be removed entirely without notice (except in cases where the CLIENT contacts you to inform you that they wish to temporarily deactivate it) without the possibility of data restoration. For each monthly invoice created you will be sent at least one reminder in addition to the email of its creation as a way to remind you that there are open payments and consequently prevent your account from being removed.

Unlimited Policy

Unlimited traffic is understood to mean that there is no longer a charge for transferring excess data, and thus your site/application can traffic as much as it needs within your server's shared resources. Optimized, well-behaved applications can literally traffic terabytes of data, consuming few resources on our top-notch infrastructure.

To ensure quality and speed in our services, Web Hosting for the purpose of file sharing such as download sites(ex: Megaupload, 4Shared...), youtube clones, file sync/backup(ex: Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive...), media directory and any other such.

The amount of some resources is unlimited in each plan, so the hosting or reseller can grow. However, it is evident that a shared server there are account limits for smooth operation. For that the HospedaPHP enters in Contact if the amount of sites is in large quantity to the point of generating loss the quality of services and performance of the server. The Contact will be in the form of a new plan or service and with a deadline for the CLIENT to schedule.

The same should be understood as a form of help to avoid small fees when exceeding limits of space and traffic. So, therefore, CLIENTS with large sites with thousands of visits should look for a customized solution like VPS or Dedicated for the same. Since shared environment has its limitations.

Unlimited cannot be taken advantage of with that idea of transferring a large site to the smallest possible plan, like facebook.com hiring a $3.00 hosting to host its platform, and in practice it needs thousands of Dedicated servers.


Additional Domains

Our Web Hosting Plans have Additional Domains, they enable you to host more than one different website on the same account, without having to pay anything extra. However it is allowed only for own sites, it is not allowed to use the Additional Domains to sell hosting and/or Web Hosting of third parties. For this purpose there is Our Plans for Reseller Hosting.

DOS/DDOS attacks

Denial of service (DOS) attacks or distributed denial of service (DDOS) attacks will be handled on a case-by-case basis. In cases where the attack damages other network components, the server or service may be suspended without notice. In case of recurrence, in addition to server suspension, the contract may be unilaterally cancelled.

Server Resources

Hosting and Reseller accounts that have high CPU and RAM memory usage for a long period may be suspended without notice. It is worth remembering that these 2 services use shared environment, if a site comes to use too many resources, other sites end up being harmed. In cases of recurrence for the same reason, the contract may be cancelled at our team's discretion. We are strict in this part as a way to maintain the quality of our service, so you and other CLIENTS will not have the service harmed because of an account using resources beyond what is allowed.


If for any reason the HospedaPHP fails to provide the service to you, a proportional refund will be guaranteed within the period established by the Consumer Defense Code. No refund will be guaranteed in case of abuse or breach of our terms of service and service usage policies. The moment you request cancellation, your service will be suspended. Upfront paid bills, funds, additional services, licenses and domains are non-refundable.

Abuse against our team.

Abuse against our team will not be tolerated. If you use aggressive language, threaten us, or otherwise offend us, then we may suspend your account, or delete it without offering a refund.

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